Why Buy Recycled Jewelry

We live in a world today that is full of unwanted waste, causing great concern for our planet.  Some call it trash while others call it finds but at the end of the day recycled materials can be beautiful Art!  Not only that it can also help our environment.

Something to be said about people who can make art out something that otherwise would be just thrown away.  I always loved a good challenge and being creative with recycled materials is fun and can even be therapeutic.

I guess that is one of the reasons why I love Sea Glass.  The glass is considered trash but when it is reinvented it becomes valuable and now important.  Add the history to recycled glass gems and they turn into priceless treasures!

So try it, go out and find some sea glass and create a unique piece of art and know that you are helping to create cleaner space on earth.  Word of caution, because sea glass has become so valuable over the years it has been over picked from places that bring in tourists.  Research your beach and It is wise to make sure to try to leave some for everyone else. 

Finally, don’t forget to buy from your local Artist!