When Buying Jewelry Sets

When it comes to wearing Jewelry, some think that they have to wear a matching necklace with earring set.

Although sets can be a beautiful addition to any wardrobe, it can also take away from your look.  When deciding on purchasing a set, look for a classic piece like a matching pearl necklace and earrings or unique handcrafted timeless pieces.

Look for places on your vacation that have farmers markets with handcrafted Jewelry or look for handcrafted Jewelry online. Search in your area for local Artists.  Never buy sets just because they match your outfit or because they are the color that you were looking for.  The reason why this never works is because this can be an impulse buy that will be worn once or twice and that is that.

Always buy Jewelry for the way you feel about it.  

Does it wow you?

Will it inspire your moods?

Will you feel good wearing it?

Because just like buying a home or a car, Jewelry is an investment and you want to buy for use but at the end of the day always wear what makes you feel confident, empowered and beautiful.