What Earrings to Wear

Jewelry is so complex and did you know that there is a science to wearing it?

Today I want to talk about what are the best options for the occasion.  When working in the home, try your best to wear at least a pair of earrings even if you do not leave your home.  Why? Because just knowing that you have on something nice just for you can help you feel good as you tackle your day.  I am not talking about huge chandelier earrings that hang to your jaw, more on the lines of a small dangle earrings about an inch or less – a nice stud pair.  A little sparkle makes a difference.

Now when going to a job interview that is not in the fashion industry we can apply the same rule as when at home – a nice small pair of earrings that will not take the attention away from what you are trying to represent, professional and classy.  Some rules are meant to be broken but the point is not to over do it.  You do not want to distract from your interview and you can always up your jewelry game after you get that job, as time goes by unleash your inner jewelry dragon and express yourself!

When going out on a dinner date with the husband you want to always try to look as wonderful as you can because this relationship that you have invested in is for life.  Going out on this date is when you bring out those long chandelier earrings with the sparkling crystals that light up his world!  If you are wearing your hair down, wear long earrings – 2 inches or longer, If you are wearing your hair up, wear a nice dangle earring above the jaw or stud pair of earrings.

When you feel good about yourself it makes you more attractive to your mate!

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