Add a Little Color in Your Life

Color is all around us.  We see it in the sky.  The beautiful blues, the deep green foliage from trees, the blue ocean, flowers, the colors in the rainbow and the beautiful brown dirt that grows everything.

Color is everywhere, so why might one not wear jewelry that adds color to their life?  The reason that I noticed why most of my clients do not gravitate towards color is primarily because neutruals are comfortable and a safe go to.  One doesn’t have to come out of the gate and wear a pair of leopard print earrings, although that is not a bad idea.  It is fun, but why not start with a little more subtle color change.  Try brass or copper jewelry with or without a color bead or stone instead of gold.  

Try a neutral beaded necklace with color in the pendant.  Not suggesting that you stay away from gold and silver jewelry and definitely please do not experiment if you are allergic.  But adding other metals, prints and materials can change your wardrobe world and at the end of the day adding a little color in your life can be fun. Now how bad can that be.

Look at the Beautiful Colors in these African Handmade Material Bracelets

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