Why Wear Jewelry

Wearing Jewelry can be very rewarding.  It can have a positive effect on the wearer. When deciding to buy a piece of Jewelry or just picking out a piece to wear from your Jewelry box, always go with your mood rather than matching with your outfit.

If you only pick a piece of Jewelry to wear because it matches your outfit it doesn’t lend itself to individuality.  Wearing a piece of Jewelry because you like the way it looks on you can have a positive effect on the mental.  It might encourage you to take a second look in the mirror and admire your ensemble throughout the day.  How often do we like what we see in the mirror?  It is hard to stay excited about wearing a piece of Jewelry if it is only worn based on obligation to match an outfit!

So lets fix this, when deciding on what piece of Jewelry to wear ask yourself, do I want to really wear that same pair of Earrings or that same Necklace today?  Instead tell yourself, let’s have fun today and wear that Necklace or pair of Earrings that I love!

Yes, go ahead grab those one of a kind Earrings or that statement piece that has nothing to do with the color of your outfit or even your wardrobe style.  It is all about what is exciting and makes you feel confident to face your day. If you want to be more excited about your wardrobe, subtle changes like wearing a piece Jewelry that is different can have a positive effect on your mood and it can compel others to notice your change and give you compliments as well.