Wear Jewelry with a Purpose

Wearing Jewelry is ot as easy to do as one might think.

Thought is involved for a successful look

For instance, when deciding on what piece or pieces to wear to a business meeting, job interview or dinner date, picking that perfect look is key and important.  At times it is hard to accept but people judge us and we judge them.  Always a good idea to make a good and long lasting impression.  One would not want to go to a business meeting wearing glitter and teddy bear stud earrings unless they were in the fashion industry.  Some rules are meant to be broken.

But in most cases women looking to get a high paying position in a competitive environment need to play by the Fashion rules just to get through the door.  So in such a case, it is a good idea to wear a pair of pearl stud earrings even if they are plain studs with a silver or gold ball.  If you prefer a Dangle pair of earrings, go for it but 2 to 2 1/2 inches long is max.  Anything longer than that can take away from your professional look. Whatever style you choose make sure you choose neutral colors, no reds, loud colors or even to soft like pink and no pastels, not a power move.

For other job opportunities it is also important to follow the same rules as a salary paying job but one does have a little more wiggle room to show your creative side depending on the position.  For sales or administrative positions it is okay to add more color options and bolder statement Jewelry like big beaded necklaces, long handtied necklaces, leather jewely and so on but be sure not to over do it!

If you are looking for a position in fashion retail or the fashion industry depending on the store or establishment wear what is popular from that company so that they can see that you are aware of their products and care about their brand.  This will help them to see that you are already a team player, always a good idea.

If you are a new Jewelry Designer, always a good idea to wear your own creations. This is when you wear everything and the kitchen sink but be tasteful.  So many other fabulous Jewelry designers are right out that door from all over the world trying to get in, so shine. Wear those unique earrings, statement necklace, bracelets and layer your look.  Do it all in the name of fashion. You want the establishment to see what you can bring to the table.  How it looks on you will give them an idea of how it will look of the consumer.

For girls night out, this is where you want those loud sparkly colors to shine from here to the moon!  Something to be said about a room full of women and the way we admire each other’s style that feels good and that feeling lasts long after the night.  You want your friends to admire your sense of style. You want to achieve a look that is a fun conversation piece. This is when you wear that unique crystal, glass or tasteful diamond Jewelry to the party.  Your girls will make you feel like a princess with all the compliments.

Now for date night, this is a tricky one.  You want to wear your best and look your best but you also want to wear a look that he also likes you in.  So, it is always a good idea to kinda know what color he likes or if this is not the first date feel him out to see what he would like to see you in.  You can do this on your first date by simply window shopping with him.  Try to get his mind on what he likes.

So, of course these are only suggestions.  Hopefully you will  have success in making wise and tasteful Jewelry wearing choices, while applying some of my experience of my many years in the Fashion industry working with brick and mortar stores, as a trusted handmade Jewelry designer..